Past Exhibitions

Emilie Montfoort PLAY!

A physical version of PLAY! was on show at Kunstgang Leiden from 10th of February 2022 to 15th of April 2022


With a keen eye, Emilie Montfoort remarks the peculiar elements that fashion our habitat: the motif of the seat covering on a bus, the uncanny appearance of a playground devoid of children, outdated and discoloured advertisements lining shop windows. These impressions find translation in associative tableaus, composed by a buoyant interplay of shapes, colours and foamy textures. Their apparent arbitrary nature is at once mysterious and playful, culminating in pictorial figures, such as a smiley face that seems to gesture for you to come along. He epitomises the naive eagerness in Emilie’s painting that rekindles an innate limitless curiosity within us. At times, the candidness of the compositions triggers a feeling of nostalgia for the carefree character of a tender age. Through a visual language carefully crafted to appear as a jumble of irregularities, Emilie throws off our habitualised recognition and invites us to adopt her frisky gaze. She opens up space to speak to our uninhibited imagination, and as such, creates an interlude for play.

Zazie Duinker


About the artist

Emilie Montfoort (1999) is a Delft-born artist based in Rotterdam. With contrasting colours, playful shapes and varying abstract and figurative images, Emilie expresses herself through illustrations that often leave room for interpretation. The dreamy, mysterious, yet playful atmosphere she creates might give you a nostalgic, curious feeling and leave you wondering: what is happening here?