About Us

The Kunstgang is a commission – formed by Art History and Art, Media and Society students – that runs the art gallery in the Lipsius building of Leiden University. In the summer of 2014 the former LAKgalerie relaunched under the wings of the Leiden University faculty of Humanities. Together with the student association of the Art History program, de LKV, the commission came into being. However, at the moment the two are separated.

The gallery functions as an inter-disciplinary platform for emerging artists or graduates of art academy, and it’s managed by students in its entirety: artist selection, curatorial processes, assembly and disassembly of displays, administrative tasks, promotion of exhibitions, etc.

Each exhibition begins with an official opening. During these openings, or vernissages, the Kunstgang organizes an informal reception and special events, such as interviews with the artist or guest lectures. The Kunstgang hosts around five openings per year, and has collaborated with Dutch and international artists of various disciplines. Rather than only working as a contemplative platform, The Kunstgang gallery aims to connect the new generations of the art world through a democratic space that’s always open for dialogue of all kinds.




Jesse van der Tuuk – Co-president/Treasurer

Viktoria Nikolova – Co- president

Emma Liebs

Annabel Quick

Andrea Neelissen

Yuelin Shen

Eva Betroleschi