Leiden University is open again, and events are now allowed! We are very excited to announce the resumption of our normal activities, starting with a physical version of Jesse van der Tuuk – Walking Distance, the last exhibition we hosted online during the pandemic.

The opening will take place on Thursday November 4 at 19:00, accompanied with a short lecture by Ali Shobeiri.


Build up for upcoming exhibition is taking place!


Artists we’ve worked with

Fred Rohde / Stephan van Zijp / Aad van Mil

Nathalie Mannaerts / Liza Nijhuis / Mariska Baars

Stefan van den Broek / Max Schulze / Melle Aussems

Tim Meijer / Mart van de Viel / Kim van Aalderen

Yara de Kok / Clementine Hinlopen / Niels Sinke

Barbara Boers / Stan Heerkens / Sungjae Joo

Yentl van Toledo / Maria Mombers / Ilse de Cock

Dymph de Gooijer / Elise Alloin / Grit Ruhland

Agnès Villette / Ella Wang Olsson/ Jesse van der Tuuk


Jesse van der Tuuk – Walking Distance (Physical)

November 4, 2021 – January 18, 2022

Submissions are open! Are you a recent art-school graduate or an aspiring artist? Send your CV and a short motivation letter to kunstgang@gmail.com