Due to ongoing limitations on the use of physical spaces established by the university, the gallery remains closed. Although the panorama regarding the pandemic does not allow us to carry out the in-person activities to which we are accustomed, the Kunstgang team is looking forward to keep sharing the work of emerging artists within the possible platforms. That is why we have decided to move our activities online until the situation stabilizes. You can access the current (online) exhibition and viewing room via the top right menu. Welcome!


Jesse van der Tuuk Walking Distance

26 March 2021 – 30 May 2021


Artists we’ve worked with

Fred Rohde / Stephan van Zijp / Aad van Mil

Nathalie Mannaerts / Liza Nijhuis / Mariska Baars

Stefan van den Broek / Max Schulze / Melle Aussems

Tim Meijer / Mart van de Viel / Kim van Aalderen

Yara de Kok / Clementine Hinlopen / Niels Sinke

Barbara Boers / Stan Heerkens / Sungjae Joo

Yentl van Toledo / Maria Mombers / Ilse de Cock

Dymph de Gooijer / Elise Alloin / Grit Ruhland

Agnès Villette / Ella Wang Olsson

Upcoming (Online)

To be announced